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Hand Sanitisers

Sanitiser Warning

"Be careful what you buy"

Sanitiser Warning

Envirospec only uses Ethanol supplied by trusted Illovo Sugar Group

Alcohol based hand rub (alcohol based hand sanitiser) is heavily used in the community and the healthcare setting to maintain hand hygiene. Sanitiser Ingredients should be scientifically formulated to meet all quality considerations, including skin-care consideration as people are using hand sanitisers in excess due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.


Methanol must never be used in sanitiser ingredients product because oral, pulmonary and/or skin exposures can result in severe systemic toxicity and even deaths. However, sporadic cases of acute poisoning indicate that alcohol based hand sanitiser with undeclared methanol may be found in the market from time to time.

The unexpected presence of methanol poses a serious threat to public health. Unintentional ingestion by young children and inadvertent consumption by older subjects as alcohol (ethanol) substitute can occur.

Methanol is more lethal and poisoning often requires antidotal therapy, in addition to supporting therapy and critical care. However, specific therapy may be delayed because the exposure to methanol is initially not suspected.

When repeatedly used as a hand rub, skin absorption resulting in chronic toxicity (e.g., visual disturbances) occurs, particularly if methanol induced desquamation and dermatitis are present. Nationwide surveillance systems, regional/international toxicovigilance networks and situational awareness among the healthcare professionals should facilitate the early detection, management and prevention of such poisoning incidents of public health significance.

Keywords: methanol, poisoning, hand sanitisers, product substitution, risk assessment;

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene products are heavily used in everyday life. In the healthcare setting, most of the cross-infections occur by direct contact via the hands of health workers, and their strict adherence to good hand hygiene is the most effective strategy to stop infections spreading.

Alcohol based hand rubs

By reducing cross-transmission, the use of alcohol based hand rubs (hand sanitiser) and quality hand sanitiser ingredients, helps decrease the risk of healthcare associated infections, and hence selection pressure of antibiotics and the emergence of antibiotic resistance. In the community, the combination of hand hygiene and face mask is effective in reducing influenza transmission. In the educational setting, hand hygiene may decrease the risk of respiratory tract infection among children.

There are national and WHO guidelines on hand hygiene. In general, hands should be washed with soap and water if they are visibly dirty. If hands look clean, alcohol based hand rub is an effective alternative and, in the healthcare setting, the preferred method for routine hand antisepsis.

Hand hygiene products contain an antiseptic to inactivate microorganisms and/or temporarily suppress their growth on the skin. Many preparations are available, but alcohol-based hand rub is always preferred because of its greater effectiveness and better compliance rate, while causing less skin irritation and requiring less time for application.

Alcohol based hand sanitiser

Alcohol based hand sanitiser ingredients, mostly contains ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, n-propyl alcohol, or their combinations. When misused, these preparations can become toxic to humans. For example, after accidental or deliberate ingestion, isopropyl alcohol causes more severe central nervous system and respiratory depression than ethanol.

Methanol is even more toxic after inhalation, oral or skin exposures and must never be used in hand hygiene products. However, sporadic cases of human poisoning indicate that such hazardous products may be found in the market from time to time. The unexpected presence of methanol poses a serious threat to public health since hand rub is widely used both in the healthcare and community settings.

“With recognition to the US National Library of  Medicine.

Quality Hand Sanitisers

Envirospec only uses quality sanitizer ingredients for your health & safety which are important to us.

For more information on the formulation of Envirospec Hand Sanitizers & the ingredients used in Envirospec products, please visit our product data page. Envirospec Product Data