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Hand Sanitisers

Quality Production Facilities

"Envirospec has world class manufacturing facilities"

Envirospec has some of the best production facilities in South Africa, capable of producing large quantities of products, manufactured to stringent quality controls. Quality, quantity & consistency are important attributes to the success of our business and we have some of the best production facilities in South Africa. The Covid 19 Pandemic puts a strain on most sanitiser manufacturers in Southern Africa (SADEC) and Envirospec is uniquely positioned and capable of handling large production volumes.

Our factories adhere to strict quality controls which ensures a best practices standard in our products. Many sanitising products have surfaced in South Africa since the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic, many of which are manufactured in questionable facilities and not to International acceptable practices and standards. Consumers need to caution against such products which are primarily sold at cheap prices. The Government is already investigating several such manufacturers who are opportunistic and trying to capitalise on the present demand for hand sanitisers and disinfectant products.

World class production facilities

World Class Manufacturing

When it comes to mass production facilities & capability, then size does matter and Envirospec has the state of the art production facilities and factories throughout South Africa, capable of handling large quantities.

Envirospec has partnered with Inhle Beverages in Heidelberg (as the primary factory) which holds an international FSSC 22000 quality certificate and are also SABS approved.

FSSC has over 40 International Accreditation Bodies (ABs) worldwide who recognize FSSC 22000 as a Certification Scheme that can be certificated under ISO/IEC 17021 accreditation. These ABs offer accreditation services to interested Certification Bodies that want to demonstrate to meet the requirements of the FSSC 22000 Scheme and ISO/IEC 17021.

The factory is an environmental centric organisation, using solar power to provide some of its electricity requirements and also have a effluent water treatment plant to
rehabilitate both sewerage and effluent water.

Mass production facilities

Envirospec has embraced the call of the President for Sanitizer Companies to gear themselves to meet the huge demand for quality hand sanitiser & disinfectant products. 

Although Envirospec has the security in mass production facilities and factories, it is still relevant to understand the huge current demand for hand sanitizer and the effect that this has on the entire value chain, which includes high grade alcohol and all relevant raw materials including plastic bottles and caps.

The spike in demand has created an abnormal spike in demand for such raw materials which Envirospec mitigates by only dealing with large & significant suppliers, however, it is not impossible that demand can exceed supply.

It is thus important that you place your orders in advance and expect a delivery delay of approximately 7 x days on current volumes. The factories are geared and able to run 24/7 and will do so in order to keep clients satisfied and can introduce more production lines if required.

Envirospec Factories

Sanitising Products

The abnormal high demand for hand sanitiser (sanitizer) products makes it difficult to forecast  expected sales volumes as the market is volatile and also flooded with many fly by night operators. Envirospec however endeavours, together with its strategic partners, to serve its sales & distribution network and do all it takes to ensure prompt and timeous delivery. 

It is also common knowledge that the Government is trying to clamp down on opportunistic enterprises currently flooding the market with cheap and nasty products, however this will not be a quick exercise and consumers should be careful when buying products and ensure that minimum quality specs are indeed accurate as claimed.

Mass warehousing & production areas

Envirospec has large warehousing facilities at its primary factory in Heidelberg (on the N3) and also at its Pretoria Depot.

Envirospec is also busy commissioning a fourth production plant in Stellenbosch before the end of May 2020. This facility will service the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape & Namibia. All interim orders will be serviced from the Gauteng production facilities. Envirospec and its primary production company – Aqua M Technologies (Pty) Ltd is also registered for Imports & Exports.

Large warehousing facilities

Envirospec Factories