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With the outbreak of the Corona Virus (Covid – 19) the world has changed for ever and it is now evident that we will never again know the world as we new it in the past. Sanitising is here to stay and quality hand sanitisers, which we can use daily & frequently will become a new way of Life. Envirospec offers you a range of quality products developed in accordance to the WHO (World Health Organization) standards and better, which is effective at killing Viruses & Germs and fit for daily and frequent use.

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Envirospec Hand Sanitiser Introduction

Envirospec Hand Sanitisers was developed by Inventor & Entrepreneur Mr. Gideo van der Merwe and Dr Francois Olivier (MBChB, MPhar Med), renowned medical practitioner & health specialist.

The Envirospec quality hand sanitiser range is more than just a quality hand sanitiser and complies to the WHO (World Health Organization) standards and more …

The content composition of Envirospec Hand Sanitisers is a patented process (Patent Pending) with superior disinfectant & sanitising properties. It compares, if not out performs, the best of products available on the open market. Envirospec prides itself that it stays up to date with the latest Covid-19 news and are pro-active in its planning & execution strategies, ensuring that it stays ahead with the latest news and technologies.

“A new way of life”

The Corona Virus outbreak has demonstrated to the world that we need to relook at the way we look after ourselves hygienically. 

We will look back in years to come and ask ourselves how we ever lived without efficient daily sanitising. Envirospec is well positioned to offer our clients a superior product for generations to come and giving you peace of mind with world class products.

There is no substitute for quality and you are well advised to ensure that the hand sanitisers you buy meet the minimum requirements of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Best hand sanitisers

Quality Hand Sanitisers brought to you by Envirospec

Envirospec Hand Sanitisers & Disinfectants are available to the public and corporate world through a large network of registered agents & distributors and you are invited to contact us today for information on how you can safe guard your family, your staff and your business with quality Biosecurity Products from Envirospec. The South African Government has made it mandatory that all business need to supply their workers with at Masks and Sanitisers. Businesses will also be required to sanitise their premises to ensure a safe and secure environment for all their staff and customers. 

Envirospec offers you a complete range of quality products, manufactured to world class standards to meet these requirements. Our sanitiser range is developed for frequent use and contains a minimum of 80% Alcohol (Ethanol). No Methanol is added to our products as Methanol is highly toxic and dangerous.

Great care has been taken in the development of Envirospec products, especially the hand sanitiser range, as people are using sanitizess in excess and frequently. A well balanced pH level (6.6 to 7.5) is of utmost importance and skin-care products such as Vitamin E extremely important, as frequent use of sanitisers not containing such specifications are detrimental for every day use and will lead to several negative complications such a yellowing, drying and cracking of the skin to name a few.

Several sanitising manufacturers have popped-up throughout South Africa, offering sanitisers in all shapes, sizes and quality, however it is extremely important that customers ensure that you are buying quality formulated products which meet strict requirements of safety, quality & minimum effective standards against Viruses & Germs. Cheap prices often reflect inferior quality products which wont be effective against Covid – 19 and will cause you severe problems if not professionally and scientifically formulated.

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