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Best Hand Sanitisers & Disinfectants

Envirospec should be your preferred supplier of quality chemical products and solutions.

Our Products

Envirospec manufactures a range of quality hand sanitisers which meet the strictest quality standards and comply to not only SANAS 490 standards, however also to the WHO (World Health Organization) standards. We also have a wide range of other disinfectant and specialist products, custom manufactured to meet the most challenging demands placed on our environment and safety today.

Envirospec products are world class and developed for frequent use and efficacy:

  • Our hand sanitisers are pH7 neutral for skin care protection;
  • kills viruses with a 80% alcohol content;
  • kills germs – Chlorhexidine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Silver Nitrate;
  • contains Citronella Oil, making it the only Hand Sanitiser which is also a Mosquito Repellent;
  • contains Essential Oils and Vitamin E for quality skin care;

Quality Hand Sanitisers developed to be – USED DAILY – KILLS VIRUSES & GERMS – ph7 neutral – SKIN CARE efficient.

Alcohol based hand sanitiser

Envirospec hand sanitisers have been developed with a 80% alcohol content to meet the best international standards to combat effectively Covid 19.

80% Alcohol Hand Sanitisers are known to the best formula to kill most known Viruses and Covid 19 especially.

Hand Sanitiser Suppliers need quality and quantity alcohol supply which Envirospec has secured through its relationship with the ILLOVO Sugar Group.


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Hand Sanitisers

Envirospec should be your preferred partner for all your disinfectant & sanitising solutions.

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Laeveld Agrochem 

Envirospec has a distribution agreement with the Laeveld Agrochem Group which has a national footprint and branches throughout South Africa.
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Envirospec Distributors

You can also call Envirospec directly and enquire about a distributor in your area:
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Biosecurity Products

Sanitising Products:

Envirospec also manufacturers a range of Sanitising Products against Covid 19, including:

  • Surface Sanitisers
  • Disinfectants (Indoors)
  • Disinfectants (Outdoors)
  • Enviro Mist Sanitisers

Safety Masks

It has now become evident that ‘wearing a face mask’ during the Covid 19 Pandemic helps protect you from spreading the disease or becoming effected.

Envirospec offers a range of face masks to help protect you, ranging from surgical masks to micro masks you can wear & wash repeatedly.

Face Shields

Quality ‘Face Shields’ manufactured for comfort and every day use.

Disinfectant ‘fog gates”

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