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Hand Sanitisers

Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Envirospec manufactures the best hand sanitisers in South Africa and have developed an improved hand sanitiser formula to meet the WHO (World Health Organization) standards. The world is going through what is considered as the worst Covid 19 Pandemic known to mankind and this raises many questions as to what we can do to safeguard ourselves.

In this frequently asked questions sections, we will try to answer the most prominent questions to help guide you in these troubling times.

What are the best hand sanitisers?

There isn’t a simple answer, however you are well advised for the Covid 19 Pandemic problem to ensure the hand sanitiser you use, meets the following recommended criteria:

  • A minimum alcohol content of 70% plus. (Envirospec uses 80% Ethanol quality Alcohol) as it has been found that the 80% Alcohol formula kills the Virus)
  • Active Ingredients such as Hydrogen Peroxide, which is known to also kill germs.
  • Envirospec has further added: Chlorhexidine; Silver Nitrate & Sodium Salts to eliminate most known germs to medical science.
  • Mosquito Repelling. The Envirospec hand sanitisers also include Citronella Oil which is known to repel mosquitos’ however also a very good germ killer in its own right.
  • Skin Care: Using a sanitiser which you can use frequently is VERY IMPORTANT and our products include, Glycerol, Essential Oils and Vitamin E, to ensure that you are safe and your skin is protected. Our hand sanitisers are also neutral with a ph7 factor. (ranges between pH6.5 & pH7.5 as recommended by health care officials);
  • WARNING. Do not use any sanitisers which use Methanol as this is extremely dangerous for you. Envirospec only uses ILLOVO SUGAR Alcohol (Ethanol) which is safe and organically manufactured from sugar cane.

It is important to inform yourself on the most frequently asked questions about hand sanitisers and how they can help you or harm you and only use the best hand sanitisers.

More frequently asked questions ...

Are hand sanitisers safe to use?

The simple answer is YES, providing you ensure that:

  • the contents at minimum comply to the minimum WHO (World Health Organization) standards; and 
  • has specific skin care ingredients included (as listed above) to protect your skin against frequent use;
  • the product labels are informative and shows all the active ingredients, company information, warnings and safety precautions;
  • you buy quality hand sanitisers from a reputable company (which at least has a proper website with detail information on their products);
  • it FEELS GOOD on your hands. Buy a small sample and test how the product feels and reacts to your own skin. You will immediately feel a quality product;
  • WARNING: be careful not to base your decision on the lowest price only, as this is a clear indicator of products which do not take your skin care into consideration and only focusses on alcohol content and the minimum criteria.

Do hand sanitisers work against Viruses?

  • Yes they do. The WHO (World Health Organization) has done extensive trials and it has been proven that a quality hand sanitiser does work against the Covid 19 Virus;
  • A common problem is that people don’t use hand sanitisers efficiently and don’t apply enough product to their hands.
    It is important to ensure that you apply at least 3ml – 5ml on your hands, and generously lather (rub) your hands together ensuring proper coverage.
  • It is critical important that the hand sanitisers contain a minimum of 70% quality Alcohol percentage as the active ingredient;
  • The Envirospec Hand Sanitisers contain 80% Alcohol content and has several active ingredients to kill viruses and germs, and quality skin care ingredients for repeated use;
  • WARNING: low quality products will burn your hands and colour your skin yellow. 
    Be very careful if a product irritates your skin as this is the first warning sign that the product is not good for you. Only use quality hand sanitisers.

Quality Hand Sanitisers

Envirospec manufactures only quality hand sanitisers

As the Covid 19 pandemic grips South Africa, the company has focused on manufacturing quality products to help combat the Corona Virus and offers you the best hand sanitiser on the market today.

Skin Care matters for your own safety

A lot of research and development has gone into producing the best hand sanitisers, taking into consideration viruses, germs and quality skin care. Today Envirospec is proud to say that it not only manufactures the best hand sanitisers, however that customer feedback has been exemplary and results speaks for itself.

If you are looking for a quality hand sanitiser that outperforms the rest, then look no further than Envirospec.

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