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Hand Sanitisers

Hand Sanitisers & Biosecurity Solutions

"We care about the safety of you and your family"

Envirospec manufactures the best hand sanitisers (sanitizers) and Biosecurity products (Disinfectants; Surface Sanitisers and more) to effectively combat Viruses & Germs. Our products are manufactured to the WHO (World Health Organization) Standards, to ensure the safety of your family, your staff, your home and your business. For all your Covid 19 safety requirements, contact Envirospec today.

Envirospec is the only hand sanitiser on the market with Citronella Oil and thus acts as a Mosquito Repellent too. 

More people in Africa die from Malaria than most other diseases and Envirospec thus developed its hand sanitisers to also help combat Malaria by adding the mosquito repellent to its products.

Make sure to read about our "SAVE A LIFE" campaign below!!

COVID 19 Corona Virus
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What is COVID 19?
On 31 December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan City, China. ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2’ (SARS-CoV-2) was confirmed as the causative agent of what we now know as ‘Coronavirus Disease 2019’ (COVID-19). Since then, the Covid 19 virus has spread to more than 100 countries, including South Africa.

Quality Hand Sanitisers  …

can make a difference in people’s lives to help them stay safe against the threats of the Covid 19 pandemic. Many people however cannot afford the luxury of such products in poor communities, which contributed towards Envirospec joining forces with the Save A Life campaign to bring quality hand sanitisers to not only the effluent, however also to the disadvantaged. Please support our Save A Life campaign below.


Quality Hand Sanitisers


SAVE a LIFE is a nationwide initiative born out of a shared vision to unlock the tremendous capacity available in the unity and goodwill of South Africans. The goal is to provide mass quantities of world-class hand sanitiser & Biosecurity Solutions to the most vulnerable of our people.

Envirospec manufactures quality hand sanitisers (sanitizers) and Biosecurity products (Disinfectants; Surface Sanitisers and more). This FREE hand sanitiser initiative is part of a pro-active, collective effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 in SA with plans  to expand into SADEC countries. Every infection avoided can save many lives down the line

Please support the SAVE A LIFE campaign

Our Campaign Purpose

The SAVE a LIFE Campaign unites the efforts of industry, public and private funding as well as NGO’s and NPO’s, to establish efficient partnerships to the benefit of the vulnerable.

The Risks

There are several factors that make South Africans especially vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic and all of them impact
on the poor directly:

 – Extreme high-dentisy living
 – People living with compromised immune systems
 – Capacity of the healthcare system to deal with a pandemic
 – The inablility of many to stay indoors
 – Winter is fast approaching
 – Limited access to running water
 – Reliance on crowded public transport

Best Hand Sanitiser Suppliers

Envirospec is a proudly South African registered company and one the best hand sanitiser suppliers in the country. We manufacture waterless hand sanitiser (s), which have been formulated to the WHO standards and meet the strictest manufacturing & quality controls.